Lower Your Rate

With over 50 years in the business, we know the most effective ways to lower your insurance costs. From defensive driving to home security systems, there are many ways to decrease your costs while increasing your protection.

Since the Phelps Insurance team is here to help you protect yourself and your assets, we want to share with you some of our tips for lowering your insurance rate. Below are a few simple ways that we have been helping customers in the Albany and Nassau areas lower their insurance rates for over 50 years–keep these in mind to discuss with your agent when getting a quote.

Please note, not all of the below are relevant to all carriers, please check with your Phelps Insurance Agent for eligibility.

Pay in full- Typically results in a better premium plus removes installment fees charged when companies send out bills.
Quote ahead of time- Insurance companies reward you for quoting early.
Multi-policies- Home & Auto. Auto & Motorcycle. General Liability & Commercial Auto. Etc.
Auto pay- From checking account or credit card. You are typically allowed to choose the withdrawn date.
Paperless- Having all policies and bills emailed to you.
Defensive Driving- Saves 10% off of liability and collision premiums.
Higher Deductibles- The higher the deductible, the lower the premium.
Daytime running lights
Front and side airbags
Safe driving- Accidents and tickets cause your insurance to go up.
Security systems
Smoke alarms
Sprinkler systems
Fire extinguisher
Generators- Automatic and portable
Higher Deductibles- The higher the deductible, the lower the premium.
Insurance to value- Insure your home to the correct value or you will be charged and your policy will be transferred from replacement cost to actual cash value on your home. These policies are more expensive.